The Supermoto practice day came about when I received a phone call from my old friend Max, he’d
just got settled into his 2nd home in Los Angeles, got over a bit of jet-lag and got in-touch with me
as he wanted to go and play on his Supermoto machine. I’d not hung out with Max for quite a few
years as our paths hadn’t crossed recently but we used to hang out quite a bit when we raced in
250cc GP’s.

I’ve always had loads of respect for Max’s riding abilities and found him to be a really great guy but
the public perception and media interpretation has at times been quite a bit different so I thought it
would be a great idea to take along my video camera and get a bit of footage for everyone to see the
real Max Biaggi away from the pressures of the race track.

The venue was Grange and is a great Supermoto and Karting track, with 14 corners in just 0.8 of a
mile keeps you very busy, lap after lap. It was my first time playing around on a Supermoto machine
and it was a totally awesome experience and I loved every bit of it, but I did find the high and dry
desert temperatures very exhausting. Max however ran it to the stop, session after session while
hitting the same point on the track lap after lap and hardly breaking a sweat, quite incredible.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Max Biaggi -
George Castro
Ryan Eley
Jamie Robinson

Jamie’s KX450 on loan from Metric Method


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