Date Bait! has a singular purpose. To allow two people to anonymously discover if there is a mutual interest to meet and become friends.... or more. The beauty of this idea is that it is completely discrete. You will not know who is interested in you, and they will not know you are interested in them, unless or until you BOTH cast a line to catch each other. Then, and only then, will your status for that person change from "Line Cast" to "Hooked".

We anticipate that this simple yet effective product will have other uses as well. As such, we've included the ability for you to add your own custom button images and labels. With a couple clicks, Date Bait! could easily be converted into a business tool. For example, you could use it to see if recruiters and candidates want to meet, salespeople and customers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, doctors and patients, Bears Fans and Packers Fans, etc. Anywhere you might want to be discrete about showing an interest in another member of your social network.

Setup is simple. Just install Date Bait! to your Admin Dashboard from your WidgetLaboratory Vending Machine. Then, use our standard button images and labels or your own, click the enable button, then save. From that time onward, anyone can click on another member's "Hook Up" (or custom) button in order to express an interest in another member.

Likewise, one can monitor their "Lines Cast" (interest in other members) and any "Hooked" members (mutual interest responses) from a simple and discrete interface that only appears for each individual member.

No public information is shared for this member interaction, though each member does have a record that can be used for later reference (business or pleasure).

Available now for immediate purchase in your Admin Dashboard!

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