Director: Giacomo Francia
Music: Adriano Clemente, Lukas Wildpanner
Produced in New York Film Academy

DER SEILTÄNZER is an evolution of a project that was born in 2006, with the aim of recreating some sound ambients avoiding the use of sampling and sampled sounds. It was important for us to reproduce our mental images through the research of sounds and noises that could lead the listener, that could guide it to the places we wanted it to be. In that case, it was the sea and the ocean the environment in which we managed to move ourselves, pouring all these purposes in the album Oceanario, released in 2008. Those images we created were not photographs depicting reality, but reality itself, seen, heard, felt and manipulated through our very perceptions.

Der Seiltänzer (litterally, the dancer on a rope), is a name that means and communicates the very uniqueness of a moment, its isolation in space and time, a thing that can happen and has to happen only in that particular occasion. In a dance on a rope there are so many variables, so many things that can change the outcome of the performance that the performance just stands for itself. Balance is vital, but also risk is: that is why the tightrope walker is a figure that contains matter and void.
And at the end of the performance, coming down, watching the place hes just been at, right up there, hes got a strange sensation of unreality, and yet feels hes at home, on the ground.

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