To Heal the Planet
1986 Copyright © 1999 by Ron Lampi
recited by Drah Cenedive

You who gaze sadly upon the cities of Earth-

(In mind's eye you behold ruins, corpses, shadows of death, winds of fire; already holocaust missiles claim all cities of Earth; in one half hour all that we love, lost.)

Are you contemplating a noble cause?

Is the passion of your anger a noble passion?

Do hostile voices of warmongers, the heartless & mean-spirited, anger you?

Do grunting money grubbers, jaded, do-nothing cynics, do squint-eyed fanatics alarm & anger you?

Do you mistrust governments? schools? corporations? questioning their intentions?

Do you refuse taking sides when each side makes hypocritical claim & counterclaim, self-justifying with accusations?

Can you listen to all sides as Divinity certainly listens to all sides?

Can you stand apart? stand alone? withstand criticism from all sides?

Can you mingle with & move among all people?

Can you open your heart to all people? listen to the stories of all people?

Can you spy out the ego of domination, manipulation, not taken in by their ploys?

Can you track the scent of greed, envy, resentment, the constant strategies of self-interest?

Can you resist judgement until the moment called for?

Are you always willing to speak the truth given to you?

Can you remain open, honest, patient, tolerant?

Can you face poverty, failure, isolation, misunderstanding?

Have you compassion for the downtrodden, underdog, disinherited?

Do you realize fulfillment is not guaranteed by career, money, by owning property?

Do all religions speak to you & yet none are satisfactory?

(for Divinity has made all religions today unsatisfactory)

Do I ask impossible things? Did Christ?

Were you contemplating a noble cause? Were you mistaken?

Did you assume it easy? That no requirements were expected of you?

Are you afraid to make a sacrifice? What noble cause without sacrifice?

And the greatest of sacrifices I ask-

The little self you believe you are.

Little self you are!

Self of fear, pettiness, prejudice, envy & greed

Self of Me first, self made by money, self good enough merely to get by on

Self stamped by the press of old concepts, dead culture-

This query, this call, a challenge to you, that self:

A New Self must be born if we are to heal this planet.

I say, there are those of us called to heal the planet.

You who see through world systems of death, you who live in imagination the holocaust already, you who already mourn our cities of Earth-

Will you meet the challenge? Will you meet the challenge?

Will you let the saving power of Spirit come through?

Will you help to heal the planet?

I call you, I call you:

Together, let us heal the planet.

Let us together heal the planet.

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