A true Unlocked and a true No Contract cell phone that works with any prepaid or postpaid SIM card (e.g from AT&T or T-Mobile). So you can change your provider by simply getting a new SIM card.

No Non-phone Features
Since when did a phone require a 20 page instruction manual?? You won't find music, photos, texting and internet here. This phone was designed to be easy-to-use by eliminating all the "features" you don't need. No complicated multi-level menu system, not getting lost in countless options, absolutely nothing fancy to learn here.

Simple Design, Big Keys and Big Digits
Unlike "clamshell" designed phones, this phone doesn't have to be "opened" to be used. The buttons are right in front of you. No more fumbling around trying to "open" your phone to answer that important call. Big easy-to-read, easy-to-press lighted buttons as well as big easy-to-read digits and letters makes using this phone a snap. A cellphone as easy as a home phone.

Easy to handle Emergency Call System (Garantruf®)
Well we do have at least one feature that bears explanation — a big red button on the back of the phone that acts as an emergency dialer. Help is only a button press away. Watch the video to learn more about this important feature.

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