"If you are to to fight poverty, you have to empower the woman," says Mazoe Gondwe from Malawi. Because "the woman is the think tank of the family". Do not just let her work the land. If the land becomes her property, the harvests will be better thanks to planning. And women will be on equal footing with men, who generally own land as well.

Despite a constitutional right for women to own land, in reality it is still often the men in the family who are the owners. With so-called Reflect Circles, the Women's Forum is trying to change this situation. Women learn about their landrights and also learn to read, write, and count. There are currently 91 Reflect Circles in Malawi, with 25 women participating in each circle.
Mazoe Gondwe received an honourable mention from Unesco for the project. When she was in Europe, Oneworld Netherlands interviewed her about her work.

The Reflect Circles are supported by the Dutch government's 'MDG 3 fund', through Action Aid/ Niza. Whether this support continues in 2011 depends on the new Dutch government.

[Dutch subtitled version can be found here: vimeo.com/15354749]

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