The whole mountain is your terrain park. The Chronic has a firm powerful flex pattern for stomping the biggest jumps that also provides an ultra smooth ride when ripping all over the mountain. The versatile 92mm width will keep you quick on the hard pack with plenty of versatile to still duck into the trees when you want to switch it up.
Lengths: 163, 173, 178, 183
Shape: 121-92-117

...You be on dat Cryptonite!

The art was done by Chow Martin using ink and charcoal on mylar to create this half bear, half human creature to reflect the raw power this ski wields. The stealth black on black emulates the ski's ability to sneak up on your friends, before blowing past them. view his art
The concept came from high performance skiers asking for a ski with the versatility to spend as much time in the park as the rest of the mountain without sacrificing one performance for the other.

The engineering started with determining the 92 waist width for mostly firm snow riding while still being able to float over crud and soft snow. We choose a stiffer flex pattern for stability on landings and at speed with a sidewall construction to maximize vibration dampening. We then dialed in a G-Cut geometry that would enable the ski to carve intuitively at any speed forward and backwards. There it is, a ski as versatile as you.

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