Bridges Coimbra 2011
Mathematics * Music * Art * Architecture

The Bridges Conferences, running annually since 1998, brings together practicing mathematicians, scientists, artists, educators, musicians, writers, computer scientists, sculptors, dancers, weavers, and model builders in a lively atmosphere of exchange and mutual encouragement. Important components of these conferences, in addition to formal presentations, are hands-on workshops, gallery displays of visual art, working sessions with artists who are crossing the mathematics-arts boundaries, and musical/theatrical events in the evenings.

In 2011, the Bridges Conference will be held in the University of Coimbra, Portugal, July 27-31. The University of Coimbra has been established in 1290 as the first university in Portugal, and the first Portuguese language university in the world!

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Video uploaded on behalf of The Bridges Organization ( and the co-organizers at the University of Coimbra (

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