This reel contains the ICAD nominated TRTÉ animated idents, bumpers, menus and promotional graphic material. Design of on-air branding of RTÉ TV's tween/teen channel TRTÉ.

A back to basics doodle approach by RTÉ's ih-house Graphic Design Department. I designed the logo and the hand drawn classical animated idents. Highly detailed doodle illustrations were used to give the channel some street cred to communicate that RTÉ could still do cool!

I reckon there's about 1,500 frames of hand drawn doodles in the animation process and there will be more to come (my hand is deformed!).

Muchos kudos to Stephen McNally for his compositing work in After Effects & Ivan Fitzpatrick for his music! Also a special mention to the RTÉ Presentation Department and everyone at RTÉ Young Peoples.

Alan Dunne
// Brand Design, Illustration, Art Direction & Classical Animation.

Stephen McNally
// After Effects Compositing & 3D Animation

Ivan Fitzpatrick
// Sound Design & Music Composition

Congratulations to Visual Communicatins students Aishling Costello (NCAD) and Aoife McKenna (LIT) for their winning Christmas Doodle Competition storyboard entries.

Typface is FS Lola by Phil Garnham of Fontsmith.

Produced by RTÉ Graphic Design Department
for RTÉ Young People's Programming & RTÉ TV Promotions.

© RTÉ, 2011

Winner of IDI Eye Award 2011
TV/Film Title & Branding

Nominated ICAD Award 2011

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