Highlights from last Saturday's crazy cool wedding. Chastity & Rodel tied the knot and although they have been together for a while and have gone through some interesting times - Rodel still choked up when she walked down the aisle.

When it came to the vows everyone laughed out loud when Rodel stumbled on his words, but I think it was so that they did not have to pull out the tissues... It was so - genuine!

We had the traditional Filipino Catholic ceremony and then headed out to go have some fun in front of and behind the cameras.

We stopped outside Fort Gibraltar, walked around the Waterfront side of the exchange and ended up at the new Hydro building. The entourage was a lot of fun and provided us with lots of laughs and funny photos.

Chas & Rodel worked it in front of the camera - they had good practice... Remember their wicked Connection session in the mud?? So awesome...

The Delta looked incredible part because it is a great location and huge part due to Madeline's Weddings who did a great job decorating.

We also set up a photo-booth - red carpet style - and the guest had fun with that late into the night.

I love the photos we captured and look forward to a Fearless Bride session sometime soon : )

Congratulations Chas & Rodel! You guys are beautiful apart and even more so together. Take care of each other and I'm sure you guys are great parents to the Chas' beautiful girl already.

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