The guys at Roger saw our potential and commissioned the studio to develop a set of 6 full hi-res 3D Bumpers for Nicktoons USA Channel. We concentrated our energy to carry out this heavy graphic package full of explotions, smoke simulations and all kind of action resources. The main directive was to work with the Nicktoons' logo as the main character for each bumper.
We were asked to create really dynamic and stunning experiences divided on different types of bumpers:
"SHIELD" is a halo that protects Nictkoons' logo from the rockets and atomic bombs; "BEATBOX" it’s the music stage where the letters follow the beat. Finally "STEALTH" is a launch shuttle inside a spaceship on the outer space. As usual, we couldn’t avoid adding our particular style to power-up all the package.

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Produced for Roger / Client: Nicktoons USA
Storyboards provided by Roger

Original idea: Roger
Art & Creative direction: HippieHouse + Roger

3d development (modeling-lighting-rendering): Andres Snitcofsky
3d animator: Andres Snitcofsky
2d animator: Ignacio Sandoval
Compositor & Color Correction: Ignacio Sandoval
Post & Effects (particles-lights-explosions-smokes): Ignacio Sandoval

Music & Sound design: Explosion Robinson

At Roger

Art direction: Terence Lee
Head of Production: Elaina Porter, Sarah Cole

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