DFLL /decay for lou lou/ PSYCHOS line WORLD6 by malga kubiak, the ego trip label
ello i need to finalize my newest FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA NOIR DESPAIR
dedicated to all dead poets
assistant DOUZE
edited malga kubiak
pre edited ajc bruxelles, crac stockholm, copied wajda's film academy warsaw
produced malga kubiak
camera mats lundell, douze, malga kubiak
cast malga kubiak at naked Stockholm jean skarstedt venue, subway NYC prince sings over the rainbow, CBGBs in NYC, Star in despair "Philly", Nick Zedd, late Carol Ann Stewart in the audience at CBGBs, dressed in red. She was the love of Zedd's in the 90's. She moved to Seattle, then died of cancer at the age of 42 in 2006.

PSYCHOS is interactive installation project that meant to be screened in 3 screens simultaneously during 4 hours.
each screen represents one line, freedom, love, world. actually u might watch it however u like

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