LOOP is a mobile storage device that allows, next to the the transport, a direct interaction with the stored information. Every action of the user causes a direct feedback – LOOP responds visual, auditory or tactile. For example you can retrieve acoustically, if sufficient space for a data transfer is available.

LOOP connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to other devices (such as computer or mobile phone). Retrieving, transferring and storing of information is triggered by finger gestures on the touch-sensitive surface (touch pad) and by shaking the device. These gestures are based on the natural, inter-personal communication.

The design of the hardware and the organizational structure of the stored information (GUI) are visually matched. In combination with convenient forms of interaction they offer a conclusive and understandable use process.

Project: Bachelor Report (software part)

Institute for Industrial Design
University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal (Germany)


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