Capturing the first couple of hours of the E-TOWER event, organized by artists Dave Colangelo and Patricio Davila for last night's Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

"E-TOWER invites you to collaborate with the entire city and interact with the lights on the CN Tower. By texting "energy" and your comments to 667242, you can help to increase the energy of the lights on the tower. The more energy the tower gets, the faster and brighter the lights will get, and the faster the colours will change. The tower then becomes a reflection of the city's energy.

Art in the information age is not only found in specific objects, but in creating the conditions for the collective production and consumption of information. E-TOWER challenges what public art and public space mean to us today by allowing large groups of people to enter into a dialogue that crosses over and between the physical and digital layers of the city."

The time-lapse was created from 4,000 still images. The posterization effect in the night sky is not on purpose, even though one could argue that it adds to the pulsating energy bursts of the CN Tower lights. The background music is "The City" by Dr. Draw, who with his band is always one of the main attractions of the Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival.

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