Motherhood is not what I thought it was going to be...

Anya Hedgeman recently became a mom. She is a career woman who works on the, This is a RE/MAX Real Estate Group team.

Anya is known as the transaction coordinator, and plays a key role with the care of customers through the home closure process.

Anya and I met about a month ago and had the opportunity to have a lovely conversation about her life. She felt inspired to share with you, my listeners some points around parenthood and marriage everyone doesn’t necessarily talk about..

1. Misconceptions about parenthood before becoming a parent
2. What you think having a child and marriage is going to look like and how it actually is.
3. What beliefs certain parents hold on to and judge themselves by when raising their children
4. The institute of marriage? How it's changes over the last 50 years, misconceptions of what people think it is and what it actually is, divorce …divorce insurance? REALLY?

Show was recorded Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 10am. CST in the US.

Anya Hedgeman enjoyed sharing her view point with the listening audience. Much about relationships and perceptions were discussed through out the event. Listen for yourself.

Anya also shared with us a special event; that the Eisenlauer team is participating in on Oct. 16. Check it out!

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