Athena (Houdini, Shake, PfTrack)
NCCA group project. Responsible for rigging and animating the bird. Also responsible for R&D on fur and petals system.

Break Away (Houdini, Nuke, PfTrack)
NCCA master project. Shot backplate, tracked in PfTrack. RBD simulation using voronoi location based fracture for the bottles, magnet force to stylize the break. Pyro and particle simulation. Ripple simulation for wave interaction and fluid simulation for splashes. Bottle movement following path generated via Houdini ocean toolkit. Compositing with sky replacement.

Freeze (Houdini, Nuke)
NCCA techniques project. Created particle system to simulate fluid effect. Generated fluid surface using particle fluid surface SOP.

Mud Slide Simulation (RealFlow)
NCCA personal inquiry. Researched on RealFlow and generated a mud slide simulation.

Dry for Wet (Houdini, Shake)
NCCA underwater project. Shot backplate and create an underwater look and feel. Proxy geometry modeling, created CG cathedral rays and bubbles to match acquisition bubbles.

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