La Bailarina (The Dancer) is a multimedia project I made a few months ago in Caracas.
This is the life of a dancer in the city offering shows of contemporary dance and tango . It took me about 2 weeks to complete this work and i wanted to show what it´s like to see the world of dancing through the eyes of this young dancer and and what she has learned in this profession beyond the dance itself.


You all are very welcome to visit my blog. A place where even though i don't show my work as a photojournalist, I talk about photography from a personal anecdotal point of view that somehow led me to find the photos and the people in front and behind the camera.

Photographs by Jesus Rodriguez.
Voice/Dancer: Kendy Gonzalez.
Producer and Multimedia Editor: Jesus Rodriguez.
This is a non-profit project.
Jesus Rodriguez 2010

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