"Thanks to 303 Agency we had an opportunity to work for Simplus. The result of this work are two films about Aliens kiddnaping a cow. Kuba Jabłoński has developed character concepts. Rafał Wojtunik was leading the project. Together with Platige Image team of artists, they could realize the vision of director Maciek Kowalczuk and creative directors - Marcin Mroczek and Andrzej Błachut. Films were made under the supervision of production house Pro Production. Thanks to Rafał’s intuition we succeeded to finish production in short time. These two movies are now one of the favourite recent
advertising productions made in Platige."

Marta Herbst: Postproduction manager

Jakub Jabłoński: character design
Damian Bajowski: production art

Michał Dziekan: Textures
Jarosław Handrysik: Textures, modeler, renering
Marcin Klicki: Modeling
Grzegorz Kukuś: Rendering
Mariusz Rokicki: Online, compositing
Krzysztof Rusinek: Rigging
Bartosz Opatowiecki: R&D
Marek Skorupski: Online
Piotr Suchodolski: Simulations
Albert Szostkiewicz: Tracking
Adam Wierzchowski: Supervisor on set
Maciej Wojtkiewicz: Animation
Juliusz Zenkner: Rotoscopy

Rafał Wojtunik: 3D Supervisor, Supervisor on set, composition, render

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