Performance for VIA 2010, covering advanced topics such as:

0:02 Twitter as a performance environment
0:13 Self-referential Youtube footage
0:24 Manual face tracking with the magnify tool
1:00 Acknowledging of the politics of visual performance
1:13 Text-based crowd mediation techniques
1:50 Classical studies in color music
2:20 Incorporating failure into performance, and
2:47 Glitch as the experience of unexpected noise
3:22 Readymade visual elements in user interfaces
3:38 Source code intermissions
3:52 Highly multidimensional control for flocking systems
4:52 Utah teapot references in practice
5:07 Creative uses of debug mode visualizations
5:57 Imitating and modulating features of natural lens systems

Special thanks to Blair Neal for collecting and arranging the glitch/failure portion.

This performance was accompanied by TOKiMONSTA.

Source code is available at

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