DOCUMENTATION @F.I.S.Co.09 - 17/4/2009


For Wrestling - intuitions on the world waiting to become a finished construction, a happening commissioned by F.I.S.Co.09 to the italian artist group BAROKTHEGREAT, performers, musicians and a master of ceremonies erupt in the basement of a sports arena to interpret time, each one with his own rhythm, before moving in for the attack.
Logic is in play, fed by a sense of difference, an encounter of individual style, defining the measure and quality of the act against itself, against the other, against all the others, with reciprocal and causal influence. Wrestling alternates, in an unstable and contradictory duration, habitual presences, spectacular figures, imaginings of make-believe. The ring is the mutable arena that contemplates geometric tracings, aerial configurations, systems of sinusoidal modulation, hosting cardiac rhythms and losses of intensity. The effort is physical. The space is the struggle. The audience follows the flow of time.

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