Short fiction by Claire Walka
premiered in January 2011@ Jung & Frisch Festival Darmstadt Germy

In the magic atmosphere of a summer night four different people stray around in the dark. For some moments their paths cross and they get closer, but they also drift apart.
In the end, they all get together by a tune that makes them feel connected, even if maybe only for this night.

Cast: Michaela Tschubenko, Heiko Büter, Paulina Weiner, Patrick Schorn, Rebecca Martin, Michael Nathanja Kuehl, Murat Dikenci, Frank Wintjen, Arne Prill, Annica Lietz, Taxi
Music: Michael Gentner
DOP: Eike Zuleeg
Set Design: Alke Thamsen
Costumes: Julia Buckmiller, Barbara Kloos


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