The negative image of Gypsies presented to us by the media if often at odds with the reality of Gypsy life and culture in Britain today. Roamin’ free aims to set the record straight.
In order to counteract the stereotypical image of Gypsies many people still hold to be true, the Devon Racial Equality Council commissioned Reelmedia to produce a documentary from the perspective of Romany Gypsies in Devon. Working alongside a Romany-led steering group, we worked collaboratively to give the Romany Gypsy community a unique voice. Using a combination of archive footage, third-person narration and sequences led by the Romany’s themselves the film charts the history and contemporary issues of Romany Gypsies. Initially conceived as a teaching aid in schools, the film went on to be released in cinemas and theatres across Devon and Cornwall.

“The best documentary on Gypsies I have seen. Reelmedia told our story with compassion and genuine interest.” Devon Racial Equality Council.

Nominated for ‘Best documentary,’ Media Innovation Awards.

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