Honestly, I'm not one of those people who spends the whole of every gig watching it through a camera screen.
But, every gig I go to, I do make an effort to capture more or less one minute or so of footage, just to remember it by.

If I didn't... well, would I remember the name and sound of that particularly good support act? Would I remember that random local ska band I walked in on by chance halfway through? Would I remember those particularly awesome dance routines that Metronomy did? Probably not. This way... I do, and I can share them with anyone else who might be interested.

In case you don't fancy 10 minutes, you can skip through it...

00.04 - Of Montreal
00.48 - Iron Boot Scrapers
01.11 - Visions of Trees
01.27 - Memory Tapes
01.49 - Reggie Watts
02.06 - Caribou
02.25 - Tin Roots
02.57 - Mirrors
03.06 - Foreign Office
03.29 - La Shark
03.57 - SBTRKT
04.14 - Holy Fuck
04.35 - Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer
05.08 - Prehab
05.20 - The Movits
05.39 - Kele
06.26 - Toro Y Moi
07.07 - Reggie Watts
07.51 - Zola Jesus
08.37 - Metronomy
09.33 - Bastions

I hope copyright isn't an issue with any of these clips, I never know quite what the rules are about recording in some venues, apologies if there are any problems, but hopefully these clips are short enough that it shouldn't be an issue.

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