In the framework of the global campaign for a safer and greener future, and to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME), together with the Israeli Bicycle Association, held a bicycle event on the Lower Jordan River.

Saturday (October 9th), 80 activists and bike riders from Israel participated in a bike tour to the Jordan River, along the Harod Stream, as part of the 10/10/10 campaign events organized by taking place this weekend around the world.

The goal of the bike ride was to focus attention in Israel and world-wide on the effects of climate change upon our natural and cultural heritage sites, such as the Lower Jordan River, and to encourage international efforts to reduce emissions and secure solutions for climate change.

Youval Arbel, Israeli Deputy Director of FoEME reflects: "I was pleased to see such a good turnout and that the event was successful in raising awareness of the climate change problems on a local level. The goal of the bike ride to the Jordan River was to focus attention in Israel and around the world as to the concrete impacts of the overuse of our natural resources, compounded with the effects of climate change. Due to over-exploitation of the waters of the Lower Jordan River, what we have left is a sewage canal. Real damage has been done to this cultural heritage site so valuable to all 3 religions. At this bicycle event, we called on the governments of the region to stop these practices".

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