Renewable Energy My idea is:
A power generating alternative to Hydro Generation. Hydro generation is based on Low Water Volume - High Pressure Electricity Generation.

My design is based on High Water Volume - Low Pressure Electricity Generation.
The structure of my Power Station is based on a large rotating wheel with concave shaped fins or Blades, between two large pontoons anchored to the River Bottom.

The resistance of the fins attached to the anchored stationary structure creates high rotation force which in turn powers the generator or generators. attached to the pontoon.

An idea of size is 45m Long Pontoons, 10m diameter finned wheel, fins 20m long with a 3m concave face or blade.

The structure could be constructed in Steel, Aluminum or a combination of products depending on individual structural requirements. My idea is useful because: It can be used in any area where there is constant water flow. It can be Constructed to match the Generation requirements and size of location where it is to be installed, from small streams providing single user electricity or large waterways requiring high generation.

Many Generators can be placed on one waterway generating high electricity volumes My idea is better than the alternatives because: Unlike High Pressure Generators that require Downward Water Force to run generator-Turbines, my idea only requires Water Flow with reasonable current.

It is eco friendly as it does not require any change to landscape such as Damming or diversion of Water Way.

Can be located in areas where public view is not possible.
Can be relocated
Will not obstruct Water Flow or Marine Life
Will not obstruct Waterway from Boating as it is anchored directly to the River bottom.
Will raise and lower as water level changes The major pain or problem solved by my idea is: Is Environmentally Friendly
The Construction Cost is a fraction of existing Power Generation Hydro plants
High Electrical Generation
Low cost to Maintain
Can be installed in remote locations
Relocatable The market for my idea is: Worldwide, anywhere where Electrical Generation is required that has a waterflow.

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