The Aquifer is the source, gushing forth, as a cornucopia of nature treasures bubbling up through the eternal spirit of the world - the umbilical cord of life. The River, a defined hydrological unit where the processes within it are dynamic and finite, has been turned, in this industrial world, into a software bug, a type of ecological mutation which seems to endlessly continue producing filth, dirt, decay and death.
the 14 screens simulate windows that revealed feminine creatures trapped under water. at the beginning they swim - showing there natural beauty, but as the water get contaminated they struggle to get out & due to lack of success we witness a visual lamentation
Video -- Liora Belford
Audio -- Ido Govrin
Photographer -- Haim Asias
Actors -- Davida Horovitz, Anat Morag, Dafna Barkan
**Digital Aquifer was origenly made and presented as a Video/Audio Installation of 14 TFT Flat screens (with a computer with 14 ch out), 1 Projector and stereo sound

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