I accuse Archbishop Norberto Rivera and President Felipe Calderon

My name is Julia Klug, my struggle is to defend children who was rapped by catholic priests and i also defending the laicism in Mexico.

My struggle has begun on 2007 by the lawsuit against the Archbishop Norberto Ribera Carrera for the criminal charge of protecting those catholic priests who rapped children, this lawsuit has place in Los Angeles California by the Mexican victims of this priests. My struggle is due to i was rapped when i was seven years old by a catholic priest in my own country Guatemala.

Since 2007 to date i have expressed my struggle and gathered signatures to judge that priests and their protectors. I have received threats, beats and as a matter of fact i was injured by the cardinal’s car in motion, this car is a bullet proof.

The catholic church has attempted to put me in jail, remove my Mexican nationality and expel me out from Mexico.

Currently in October 3 of 2010 i was threatened in front of the Mexican cathedral by a woman who told me that they make me pay for my demonstrations by damaging what i love the most.

In October the 6, i was informed about my son's dead which occurred in unexplainable circumstances, my son was a Second Lieutenant in the Mexican Air Force named Ricardo Martinez Klug.

In view of that, i directly accuse to the cardinal the Archbishop Norberto Ribera Carrera and the president of the Mexican Republic Felipe Calderon Hinojosa. I declare if something happened to me, my family, and my friends, I directly accuse president Calderon and the Archbishop Norberto Ribera.

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