Tail Biter Productions approached us wanting us to design there logo and bring it to life with animation. Even though we took the logo in a different direction he was sold. For the animation he had a specific concept in mind which seemed like a challenge. The logo and final animation were well received. It was a result of our 3 of our team members. The logo designer (Design A Bot), the motion artist (myself), and finally the sound designer (The Human).

It took me a while to get the right amount of sperm in the scene distanced in z space. Through orienting the smaller sperm comp on a path that was manipulated by particular 2s turbulence field I was able to have the sperm swim in random directions. Using a shallow depth of field and changing the focus distance along with playing with physics time factor I slowed the animation down to a crawl. The snake starts as a sperm (if you are watching that slow). Next through key-framing edge thin, and animating the snake via puppet tool the snake transforms and comes to a halt. This was quite a bit more complicated piece for a logo animation, but I think it came out amazing. The best work that comes out of panda motion and spin my logo is always a result of teamwork!

logo animation services here: spinmylogo.com

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