they put a finger on they and rule by thumb
write lead on yo toe and call it foot of note
born highland hospital
so far from a haven
mamas knees on ground but a prayer so far from a heaven
i ceasarian secioned scapals at my entrance
bred to kill pistol whip hollows at the exit
its more then i bare yogi
picnic eh boo boo
imma basket case with all my screws loose
more than , bandaid, bandage recover
before they bang bang me
this is more than school of hard knocks
this u die academy
u play dead aint no awards from the academy
its an eh me show as they grey ur anat b omy

i speed so fast, i out race the bullet
my life flash b4 my eyes too much time i kiills it
the world kryptonite to me so i clark kent
so tired of being poor so a dream of riches as stimulus
not given i steals it
all triggers i pulls it

1 for your money
2. just to show it
3 fuck it 4X5 a man to the floor
a mortal man no more a man
a morgue a man
i coffin him
i clasp a hands, i knelt for them, they savior them. i pray for them
a man pray for me
God please
save him
save me
save my temple as i bleed
gun to the temple or temple to the gun
and if God present then saved by the son
but if no son
close the damn casket
cuz i died a bastard

as kids they calibrate i for caliber
hold your first gat and you think our powerful
revolve lives with revolvers
with no resolving, any of our problems
just all bad things
bang bang bang
so fuck it and terminate the conclusions
i do this for the guttas cuz im birth from the sewers
i tried living water but but i sin in my sewage
we the best faucets there's shit in our plumbing
imma clean up mama
so ima draino the system
and now i soar through the sky, make sore the clouds
itll hurt when i fly, and make the rain cry when i die

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