It is a horror story beyond all imagining. If it were not true it would barely be believable. A developed, highly civilized nation decides to wipe out an entire race of defenceless people. Even now the rational mind wonders how this could ever happen.
One of the key acts of dehumanisation and intimidation was stripping the last layer of protection - clothing. I was always shocked seeing images of masses of naked concentration camps prisoners, being executed, punished, beaten or chased liked animals to showers which often were actually deadly gas chambers, where victims died undignified…bare and piled on top of each other.

Unlike Holocaust’s victims, who got deprived the right to their own bodies, we can decide about when and, if we want to get undressed.
Even when we are in public spaces such as swimming pools and saunas, it’s down to each of us how much do we want to reveal of our bodies. That often depends on confidence and feeling good about oneself. But even the most confident person in circumstances of public and humiliating forced strip-down would appear weak and vulnerable.

In my concept I wanted to show the juxtaposition of a luxurious bathroom, where some
indulge in pampering rituals…against the suffering of a strained figure representing
victims of concentration camps. There are also other juxtaposed objects like:
concentration camp’s clogs, uniform, toiletry accessorize, in contrast to a comfortable
bathroom interior.

human body slowly
ghostlike figure
haunting our modern

to remind us of the helplessness and torture of the victims, when
they where trapped and gassed with Zyclon B, as if they were some
kind of insects or pests. The image of mosquito used in the video
represents that degradation.

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