LEPIT was established in July 2008 out of the idea not just to grump about the designs of existing labels but to make it just better.
Lepit is a composition of “levraut” (French, means small bunny) and the English pendant rabbit.
We don’t use basic shirts, we custom-tailor our shirts.
We just use fair trade materials, we fit our clothes with many partly ordinary details and turning our attention to high print quality.
We started with the so called “Toy Style”. Still fun. In the meantime we created 3 collections, got events in Munich for every new collection and trying to remain true to ourselves. From the scene for the scene is our motto. We are trying to boost young bloods just right from the beginning.
Our team, which consist of  many budding professionals from the sectors skate and snow which are getting sponsored just from the first day at being at the team. But not just with clothes…we are also producing small commercials on LepitTV for our riders and for the label itself. FROM THE SCENE FOR THE SCENE-

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