rollTogether #15 proudly presented by GRINDHOUSE

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Rookie of the Day: Sven Ehmer

Sponsors: Grindhouse, Be-Mag, USD, Ucon, Xsjado, Gibbon Slackline, Razorskate, Rollerblade, Nimh

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Location: Landesgartenschau/Hemer(Germany)

Music: Heifervescent - Deep Sea Diver

Intro/Outro Music: Smite Production

Filmed/Edited: Kai Schmitz

Skater in the Clip: Jan Schmitz, Roland Wander, Benjamin Meier, Michael Hambrock, Tim Schulz, Philipp Preuss, Eugen Enin, Sven Schillings, Benjamin Stiller, Lukas Merkle, Adrian Röter, Jan Niehues, Johannes Zenk, Sven Ehmer, Paul Nongent

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