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Schrab & Harmon's Found Crap II: The Paul Knop Experience - 10:00pm
A special collection of horror-ween crap clips, featuring films "videographed" by Paul Knop. Who is Knop, you undoubtedly ask? Why, he was a history teacher in Milwaukee, WI, who happened to make vampire movies on the weekends. When his teaching job couldn't pay the vampire bills, he would tailor-make fetish videos (lots of feet stuff!) to support his hobby. Join Dan Harmon (creator of NBC's "Community") and Rob Schrab ("The Sarah Silverman Program") for a night of shocking production values, zero pacing and thick, chewy Midwest accents.

Black Devil Doll From Hell - 11:30ish
Who the hell is Chester Turner? He’s easily the most mysterious auteur to emerge from the ‘80s camcorder horror underground, shocking unsuspecting video renters with this notorious and demented vision. Clearly impoverished -- one can almost picture Turner deciding between a bus pass and making his film -- few other films we can think of better exemplify the feeling that this person just had to make a movie, no matter the limitations. Black Devil Doll From Hell stars Shirley L. Jones as a Bible-thumping virgin who buys a creepy, dreadlocked dummy at a thirft store, to find that it walks, talks and is ready to bust a nut. After an astonishingly extended and awkwardly artificial rape sequence, our poor heroine is unable to find another “man” to satisfy her. Trust us, you won’t be prepared enough for this grimy, foul and incredibly quotable taboo-buster!

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