Nova Leigh is Jared Raab's second video for the band, the first featuring some fancy reprogramming of an old Oscilloscope. "The original idea for the Nova Leigh video, came about from looking at Jeremy Olson's fragmented face paintings that have been used for all the Say It cover art," says Raab, "drawing on some of the themes that are scattered throughout the album and the song, we created a human character based on the scrambled faces seen in Olson's paintings."

The video, made in collaboration with Vulture Culture Films, features a hooded figure with his facial features in all the wrong places. The jumbled face was a mix of practical masks and CGI created by AlphaChannel FX in Toronto. "We knew that the footage of the band, shot in studio, couldn't just be straightforward performance footage if it was going to match the fragmented face narrative," continues Raab, "but we also didn't want to use some sort of cheesy computer generated kaleidoscope effect either. In the end we devised a system of shooting into shattered mirrors that had been reassembled by hand. We spent an entire day just breaking mirrors and gluing them back together, only to smash them again on set."

Directed by Jared Raab
Cinematography by Chuck N. Taylor
Produced by Peter Dreimanis and Josh Warburton @
Edited by Joe Krummins
Art Direction by Johnny Nghiem
Colour by Conor Fisher

Inspired by the artwork of Jeremy Olson -

Shot mostly on location in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Produced with the help of MuchFACT

Thanks to:
Bill Byers & the York University Film Department
Leila Hebden
Melanie & Trevor at Paper Bag Records
Ossia, Peterborough

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