In Hopes and Fears of Our Generatin, Ms. Aurelia Massoudi-Khorsand, a sophomore at University of Virginia, explains that young people feel that something is fundamentally wrong with the global system. Events and disasters are occurring today that have never occurred before in history—energy problems, oil disasters, wars, unemployment, and neighborhood murders. In additon, there are astonishingly grave projections for our future. She is especially concerned about our growing and unsustainably large Ecological Footprint. For everyone to live as the rich do now would require the biocapacity of six Earths, which we obviously don’t have. Put simply, wealthiest will need to reduce their waste and Footprint to allow for the poor. To fail means social chaos and conflict and ecological disaster for our generation. Youth see humans still acting as if there are no limits to growth. She then outlines a youth vision for Earth that youth would like to discuss with adults. Youth feel the vision they want is not easy, but neither is it impossible. We need your help.

Gerald Barney is host. He is president of Our Task.

News for Our Future (NfOF) is a monthly commentary on world news by the young adults associated with Our Task ( It is produced in collaboration with Arlington Independent Media. Previous NfOF episodes are available at

In Episode 4 of NfOR Ms. Aurelia Massoudi-Khorsand presents her keynote address given at the Our Task conference on 31 July 2010 in the Auditorium, Arlington County Central Library.

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