In the majority of audiovisual works (including ours), we observe a tendency to disengage the audio and video content so that both run in parallel but with little intertwined from the point of view the focus of origin.

That’s Drum and Bass” is on the one hand, a new approach to the concept of audiovisual synchrony in which the focus of transmission of audio and video is the same. We could talk about that pursues the effect of quantum entanglement between two particles (audio and video). Moreover, “That’s Drum and Bass” is a musical experiment in which a style, in this case the drum and bass, is not understood outside of digital and analog becomes beyond, is produced vocally.

At the technical level, it was a challenge because the audio editing way is through software with a grid based on beats and BPM. In the case of “That’s Drum and Bass”, the audio editing was done from a video editing software based on frames, which does not permit such a grid resolution audio. This meant the need for cumbersome calculations to find a BPM that can fit into a grid of 1 / 25 seconds (25 frames per second) plus the inability to perform combinations of rhythms with a resolution higher than grid.
The piece was shot with a Canon EOS 5D in the Core Labs Centre in Beijing, China.

You can download it here:
License by Creative commons

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