Stockholm the capital of Sweden is located on the east coast of Sweden, where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is known for its beauty, its architecture and buildings, its verry clean and beautiful open water, and its many parks. About 1/3 of the city area is made up of waterways and another 1/3 is made up of parks and green spaces.

The central parts of Stockholm are built on fourteen islands that are continuous with the Stockholm archipelago.

The Stockholm Archipelago consists of around 24,000 islands and islets and extends from Stockholm roughly 60 kilometers to the east and follows the coastline.
The Ferry traffic to Finland and Estonia passes through the archipelago every day.

Today on 10.10.10 the first ferries are reaching the outer parts of the archipelago early in the morning and have a four hour journey in the archipelago before reaching Stockholm.

There are 14 ferries traveling through the Stockholm archipelago for about 4 hours before reaching open water and later back again within the 24 hour period. These ferries are 170 to 210 meters long and around 30 meters wide. Each ferry carry up to 2 800 passengers and 480 cars.

Over 10 million ferry passengers are passing through the Ports of Stockholm in one year.

In the late afternoon and early evening the last ferries prepares to leave the Stockholm harbor.

They will now be cruising through the archipelago. The restaurants, bars, discotheques and casinos start their business as well as the tax free shops.

Today on 10.10.10 there was about 24 passages during the 24 hour period.

This goes on every day 365 days a year.
This obviously do have an impact on the sensitive environment!

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