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What do you get when you mix together sysadmins and code-monkeys? You get a weird cocktail called "dev/ops" - development and operations. Pulled from the successful practices of high-scale web companies like Flickr and enterprises developing on the bleeding edge of application delivery, the promise is to make the lives of each better and, hopefully, allow their organizations to deliver better software, faster, and more frequently. dev/ops theory is still new - even shorter in its buzzword pants than "cloud"! Still, this evolving body of theory, practice, and tools looks extremely attractive.

In this session, John Willis (the co-hosts of the popular IT Management & Cloud Podcast) will catch you up on what dev/ops is looking like and how it might help (or harm!) you. This session will give you a pragmatic overview of dev/ops and leave with a better idea of how dev/ops applies to you and your organization.

Who should come: Operations and Development from engineers to managers. Anyone who cares about how we deliver software.

Speaker: John M. Willis is currently the VP of Services at Opscode, Inc. John has worked in the IT management industry for 30 years. He began his professional career at Exxon as an IT infrastructure analyst. He is the founder of four successful startups over the past 20 years Willis is known internationally for his IT Management and Cloud blog. He also has two podcast series on clouds called ‚”Cloud Cafe‚ and Droplets”. Willis is also the co-host of Redmonk’s IT Management Guys‚ podcast series.

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