Babes, cars, and electric guitars! There's even some stuff blowing up. This new cut has it all! Vintage autos and explosive dance sequences frame the story with additional support from a couple of guys out in the desert trying to make a map.

A bunch of cool public-domain clips from the Prelinger Archive at were grabbed to put this one together:
-- Touch Of Magic (1961) for the couple loving their car
-- Caught Mapping (1940) for the two guys in the desert trying to make a map
-- Going Places (1948) for the cartoon footage, the cars, and the stuff blowing up
-- Styling And The Experimental Car (1964) for the futuristic auto show shots

The Hoboken lab of LLorenz100, renting as Lyndon Lorenz (dropping the mix as Lyn Faber) was home base on this, with help from a new Apple Jam Pack disc. The basic song was figured out in GarageBand, then transplanted into iMovie HD for the video work. Probably close to 30 hours from bootup to release.

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