specimen description:
Born from a passionate and forbidden relation, this kid become mature before time. He is robust and well grown, he can take the life on it's own. Never laughing, this guy learned to cruise through life without looking back, steping on the past like no one did before.

project description:
I looked back to our future as archeologist of contemporaneity, and from here I start developing a series of non electric and non environmental-friendly hybrids, celebrating their permanent future of our todays.
I disassembled our machines and recomposed them, re contextualise them in a series of technological parts unite by the same formal expression, the same aesthetic. A formal caricature of our past future, yelling on behalf of a sensual and romantic formal language.

The academic aim of the project was to fine tunne the boundary between functionality and aesthetic, playing with the point where aesthetic loose it's value of generating emotions due to functional involvements.
The creation process was really interesting, not designing the "specimens" one by one, but starting with "1", taking a part of it which became "2", adding another part to complete it and realise that I have a "3rd" one already. Creating the "4th" one and taking a part of it to complete the "1st" one... and so on until the 7th.

Project developed as part of the Architectural Association School of Architecture Diploma program.

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