How attractive do you and your friends look in that photo? PeerBeauty estimates how others would rank you in a photo on a scale of 1 to 10. From the makers of "PhotoAge" and "AdamOrEve" iPhone Apps...

- Uses incredibly advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to estimate how people would rank a person's attractiveness.

- Take a picture with your iPhone or grab one from Facebook and get instant feedback.

- Put your best face forward! Thinking of a new profile pic on Facebook? Are you looking your best for that important party? Let PeerBeauty give you an opinion.

- Find your best angle, your best smile, and your best overall camera look!

- Share with friends by email or on Facebook.

- Estimates rankings by males, by females and by all.

Put some zing in your social life. Amaze your friends at a party. Let PeerBeauty help them with that perfect camera look!

PeerBeauty by Percipo: Socially fun. Ridiculously Addictive. Technologically Amazing.

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