This was a Uni assignment I did for a multimedia design class I had. I went looking about for a good motion graphic of this event and found nothing. Disappointed I decided to make my contribution to the world by creating a motion graphic about the first few events leading to the Battle of Mogadishu, better known as Black Hawk Down. It was also the very first time I have experimented in 3D. If you have red and cyan anaglyph glasses USE THEM! I plan to upload a non-anaglyph 3D version soon.

I have attempted to be as accurate as possible with the historical events. There are admittedly some holes that I plan to edit and fix later on.

I wanted to animate the whole event but I ran out of time and you can kind of tell I was rushing to get the assignment done near the end... But I do plan to complete the video as time comes available.

It should be noted this was done for educational purposes only, created to educate and hopefully remind people of this historical event.

There is a lot of video footage I have used in order to help illustrate the events more clearly. Full credit goes to those sources (History Channel and the film Black Hawk Down. Big fan by the way...) Music is credited at the end.

Thanks for watching. This is essentially a fan piece as I loved the movie black hawk down, but full credit goes to the men who continually put their lives on the line to provide freedom and support for people they don't even know. Hell, I'm not even American and I'm proud of you. Greets from Oz.

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