Hey, I'm Matt Bender. Some just call me Bender.

Anyway, here is a combination of clips I cleverly compiled.

Truth be told: It took blood, sweat, and years to amass a spectacular array of amateur personal propaganda such as this, tangling with sharks, box jellyfish (who knew?), Waimea close-out sets, stingrays, reef, and extreme sunburn--just to name a few hazards--along the way.

But it's all been worth the pay off: sick waves (I just wish I had gotten more of them on video.)

Huge thanks to my parents, all of my family, the Abelardo family, and everyone who got behind the lens.

This video is dedicated to my friend, the late Bentley Hoofnagle, who inspired countless people with his love for life and go-for-broke attitude.

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