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These cork products by Corkologie are very cool and easy to assemble, the wine rack literally took less than two minutes to put together and it can hold anywhere from three to nine wines. You can arrange the rack as you want, by having just one row, and place it vertically if you'd like. In this review I go over why cork is eco-friendly, sustainable, and how it benefits not only our environment but also thousands of people.

On top of the base wine rack and wine charms they also have: wine strip, napkin holders, place card holders, cork tea light candle holder, wine cork boards, cork board sheets, cork basket, magnet wine corks, mouse pads, cork placemats, spice rack, tool bucket, bracelet and earrings made out of cork and even a journal!

Don't forget to use their coupon code for a 25% off discount in their entire store! (besides the gift cards and handmade products).

- Recyclable
- Renewable
- Sustainable
- Compostable
- Biodegradable
- Made in the US

The cork facts I mentioned on the video were taken from Corkologie's brochure and here is a more detailed version on why is cork green:

Cork has been used ever since it was discovered by the Greeks and the Romans more than 1,000 years ago. It comes from a unique oak tree growing naturally throughout the Mediterranean region–and has properties that man still can't reproduce.

When it comes to cork, most people think wine stoppers and memo boards. But thousands more uses exist.

The valve seals on most musical instruments are made of cork. Without it, the clarinet wouldn't hum, and the sax wouldn't wail. The center of all major league baseballs is made of cork. If you like watching that ball sail out of the park, it wouldn't be happening with cork.

The best part about cork?
It's Sustainable.

Cork trees are harvested every nine years by carefully peeling the outer bark from the tree. The bark regenerates to produce hundreds of pounds of cork throughout the tree’s 150-year lifecycle.
It's Plentiful.

There’s enough cork in Portugal alone to meet global demand for centuries to come. Countries in the Mediterranean, Asia and North Africa are also cultivating cork.
It's Recyclable & Biodegradable.

Cork products are 100% recyclable and completely biodegradable, so it reduces waste in landfills.
It's Supportive.

Cork forests support entire ecosystems around the globe that are home to many endangered species and offer jobs for local workers. In Portugal alone, cork forests provide employment to more than 100,000 people.

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