Grammy-nominated for best music video in 2010.

Directed by Ben Steiger Levine and produced by Sach Baylin-Stern, this video features a photo-realistic computer generated bee-man who exists as a ghostly presence in an abandoned house/hive. Featuring visual effects work by Joshua Sherrett, cinematography by Chistophe Collette and art direction by Marie Michelle Deschamps, the story is that of a bee-man who lives as a recluse, who gathers the courage to face the world and go outside. Grammy nominated for Best Short Form Video in 2010!

Director: Ben Steiger Levine
Visual Effects: Josh Sherrett/Workshop Mileend
Producer: Sach Baylin-Stern
Cinematography: Christophe Collette
Art Direction: Marie Michelle Deschamps
Costume: Perrine Lotiron

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