I grew up showing horses, but I've never been to a show this cute.

The Metropolitan Horseman's Association's Fall Show was held on a nice Sunday at the Seqioa Arena in Oakland. The weather was changing pretty often, sunshine, clouds, back to sunshine. I used the Light Craft Workshop Fader ND to get the exposure right, as much as I could at least.

I love my LCDVF, but I had trouble staying in focus at times because the magnification isn't *that* strong. It might have been more that the minis and ponies were moving quickly and I was trying to keep up with them.

I shot on a monopod and quickly realized I'd need a longer lens for stuff like this. In the end I got some really cute shots of the horses and kids, and I think I did ok with the action shots for my first try.

Check out these for more, and especially if you're interested in the MHA.


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