#12 (of 20) in the series, "Conversations About God," with Graham Maxwell.

“God's Law Is No Threat to Our Freedom” — another look at the requirements of God's law, and especially the Ten Commandments — in the larger setting of the great controversy over His character and government.

Jesus, Paul and Moses all agree that love is the fulfillment of God's law. But love and trust — the things that God desires the most — cannot be commanded or produced by force. Nor can they be made an obligation, something that we owe to God because He's been so good to us. God wants more than this, and so should we! Our Heavenly Father values nothing higher than the freedom of His family, and Jesus suffered and died to prove it. But real freedom requires mutual love and trust that have been won and confirmed by unquestionable evidence. This evidence is the truth that sets and keeps men free.

Then why does God seem to command our love in the Decalogue? The Ten Commandments voiced on Sinai were another of God's emergency measures in the great controversy. But how He longs for love, trust and willingness to listen that are entirely free from fear, force or obligation.

This emphasis on freedom, love and trust does not minimize the requirements of God's law. On the contrary, these are the very things the law was designed to preserve. As one good friend of God has said, "The Ten Commandments were given so that there would be no mistake as to the kind of people God could trust with all the privileges and freedom of eternal life to come." Does this include the Sabbath? The Sabbath is the reminder of the evidence of the truth, without which we never could be free.

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