A Presentation by The Rev. Terry Kyllo
Pastor of Celebration Lutheran Church
Anacortes, WA

The Bible has a lot to say about sexuality, much of which we would find to be odd and even unethical. People often respond to this in two ways.
Some people over-simplify what the various writers have written and loudly announce that they are the only ones who understand “Biblical Family Values.” The tendency here is to use a few verses from the Bible to proclaim that homosexual relationships are by definition wrong.
Others say that if the Bible has such odd things written in it, how can it be relevant to any discussion? The tendency here is to instinctively feel that our society needs to affirm gay and lesbian people and that many who feel differently only do so out of hard-heartedness.
Celebration Lutheran takes a third approach: We see in the scriptures a God who works to move us from exclusion to inclusion, from slavery to mutual relationship, and from hatred to compassion. For Lutherans, scripture, tradition, and reason work together in ethical reflection. We invite you to hear why we are called to welcome and affirm gay and lesbian people, and that we do so not in spite of, but from the very heart of our faith tradition.

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