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Who Is John Q?

We're an acoustic rock/Americana/rock band with great musicians who write and perform catchy music based on solid songwriting and good story telling.
Why John Q.?

A lot of people have told us that the reason they like our songs so much is because they are comprised of lyrics people can relate to. They are stories of things that we have all done, seen, or been through. They are, essentially, the stories and ideas that fill the heart and head of the "average Joe". John Q. Public is a name used to denote a generic sort of man. We are John Q.

John Q. emerged into the Tampa Bay music scene in 2007 and released their first official EP entitled "Brushfire" shortly after. In September of 2009, John Q released their full length album "Sunrise" which has been received by both critics and fans. Since, they have expanded their fan base and have started touring in the South East Region.

John Allison/Guitar, Vocals
Bootsy Turner/Lead Guitar
Scott McAtasney/Bass, Vocals
Mike Padgett/Drums

This video was shot and edited by David Allison.
Canon T2i/550D
18-55mm lens
55-250mm lens

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