2008 / rain water, surface tint, video projector
200" x 125" (508cm x 318cm)
Exhibited: DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival 2008, New York

This piece is a deceptively simple intervention into the urban fabric of DUMBO, an outdoor video projection playing on something commonly seen yet rarely paid attention to - the puddles of rainwater that form in many of the old pockmarked streets of this neighborhood. The simple fascination of a puddle's reflection is magically invoked at night by projecting the images recorded on its surface during the daytime - the bridge, shifting clouds, raindrops, flashes of passersby, or the face of someone deliberately interacting with it. The projection is a kind of mysterious portal at night, the recorded reflection is usually quite still, until sudden bursts of people or cars appear - but nothing is there in the present. Many viewers thought at first the reflection was real, then they thought it was a live feed from a hidden video camera, until they noticed the sky was blue in the puddle and it was night in the present.

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